Screenless TV
The screen that did not have screen TV to cast off traditional liquid crystal TV to restrict to the screen, picture size can undertake free adjustment, use position also no longer be confined to be mixed and disorderly sitting room.
In the mobile office era, you need to handle all work contents anytime and anywhere, and you can quickly display the report and PPT in front of customers.
Car show
With the widespread use of mobile phones, the behavior of car accidents caused by the bent down to look at the phone while driving continues to be repeated.
Smart home
The entrance of smart home is undoubtedly a stepping stone to the huge smart home market. At present, mobile phones and smart speakers are two hot products in the entrance competition.
In addition to going to the cinema, the portable projector is used to build a simple and easy home theater in the home, which is obviously a good choice for audio-visual audiophiles. Even if they are away from home, they can carry it with them, which is c
It is an inevitable proposition of projectors' product innovation to integrate the large screen value of the projection into the AI intelligence era. The projectors are the information entrance.
With moderate brightness, combined with diffuse reflection imaging principle, let the light more downy, reduce the stimulation to the eyes, let the child be not harmed.
Projection advertising machine is applied in the commercial field, and has more advantages. With 4G module, it can be published online. It comes with its own system and can be used as widely as possible.