Intelligent projection Valley
Intelligent projection Valley (Weihai) Technology Co., Ltd.

Intelligent Projection Valley (Weihai) Technology Co., Ltd. Introduction (full version)
    Intelligent projection Valley is located in the Shandong Peninsula blue economic zone is one of the key areas of Weihai City, Nanhai District, is the only set for the projection of professional incubator. The incubator is adjacent to the South China Sea Xingang, Weihai Dashuibo International Airport, Qingdao Weihai highway, away from downtown Weihai, Weihai Port International port, train station 40 minutes by car, location and the traffic is very convenient.
    The incubator was founded in 2016, with 16000 square meters of the valley of the hatching site, 1000 square meters exhibition center, 2000 square meters of the white-collar apartment. Meet enterprises office, scientific research, life and other needs. The configuration of an open intelligent incubator unit, high-speed broadband optical fiber is connected with the Internet, academic report hall, multi-functional reception, conference room the reference room, training room, business center, supermarket, fast food restaurant, gym and other facilities sharing service. At the same time, there are 8000 square meters in the valley of 1000 clean purification workshop, can be used as a production in science and technology enterprises.
Projection Valley first proposed to allow customers to "worry" slogan, is committed to creating a new type of projector industry aircraft carrier. To the projection industry chain as the core, with micro, intelligent, green as the starting point, around innovation and entrepreneurship, branding, technology research and development, production security, financial support, channel development of six key links to work. To provide strict industry standards and directional funding two-way security measures to serve the whole industry chain, the formation of a unique projection technology industry incubation new environment; in-depth study of the growth of small and medium-sized science and technology enterprises and fully understand the needs of enterprises on the basis of efforts to build Improve the hardware and software facilities, design and launch of targeted technology services, to create information, intermediary, technology, training, capital and business and other sub-service platform, providing business counseling, market development, corporate finance, personnel training , Project declaration, professional and technical, after-sales service and a series of innovative services. The formation of projection technology services chain system to help entrepreneurs achieve the transformation of relevant scientific and technological achievements, cultivate settled science and technology small and medium enterprises from the beginning to gradually grow, and even become a small giant projection technology companies.
Come here, let us start from the "Project" to create own glory.